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Up-down Blackboard



  • It adopts the unique advanced manufacturing technology and quality control of Nichigaku company, and selects the most suitable material according to the characteristics of the product. It strengthens the flexural strength of the whiteboard, and is not easily deformed under pressure and tide. Good strength enables the width of the frame to shrink as far as possible, and achieve the largest writing area under the same appearance size. 

  • The four corners of the blackboard are equipped with taper rubber for buffering to avoid frame damage.

  • The design of the U type bracket is more modern.


  • The product is designed and manufactured in accordance with JIS blackboard standard. It has been greatly improved in safety, functionality and aesthetics, reaching a new peak. 


  • The chalk box below is designed in the most convenient and beautiful position. It is very convenient to install and disassemble. It can be disassembled simply by pushing and pulling along the groove for cleaning and replacing, and fasteners such as screws are not needed for fixing. 


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