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AF Enamel Whiteboard Series



  • This series is different from AS series,enamel whiteboard is more tough and durable,writing easily and erasable, and has a longer service life.

  • It is mainly made of high temperature silicon containing polymer materials,the hardness is bigger and tighter than AS,even a coin can not scratch the surface!

  • The thickness of the plate is 1.45cm.

  • The overall thickness of the frame is less than 1.45cm,it can be tightly attached to the wall and very convenient to use and store.


  • Aluminum alloy frame 

  • The flexible and stable aluminum alloy frame, strong and tough, incline angle design, seamlessly combined with the plate surface and corner, protecting the safety of the user and the beauty at the same time.


  • Movable hook

  • The hook is made of high strength and high toughness material. It will not break or fall after long time use. It can move Horizontally and there are two ways to install inside and outside.

  • The hook is matched with the frame so that the whiteboard can be hanging vertically and horizontally.


  • Detachable bracket

  • The bracket is installed to the most handy position.


※Specification Table


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