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Beijing Exhibition Tour,Return fully loaded


Beijing Exhibition Tour,Return fully loaded 

In the middle of March, Beijing was still cold,but the Beijing exhibition with educational equipment as its theme, was still in full swing.Visitors to the scene went on and on,it's so busy.


The Nichigaku has been carefully prepared to set up a satisfactory design and show the audience high quality and innovative samples: The Up-down Whiteboard, The New Full Wall Whiteboard, The Nichigaku Screen Style Whiteboard and so on. The meticulous design and production of Nichigaku products and the handling of the details have won the applause.

▼The staff of the exhibitors are ready to enter :


Waiting for the audience to enter:


The crowd to visit:


    The Beijing exhibition, the Nichigaku fully introduces the product to the audience, through the product to transmit Nichigaku's mind, let more people understand and know the Nichigaku, meanwhile, our company also has a lot of customers' intention and full of harvest in this exhibition!

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