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Whiteboard Project of Hainan University


The Project Of Hainan University-The Left And Right Push-Pull Whiteboard
Equipped With A Liquid Crystal Integral Machine 

        With the continuous improvement of educational equipment, large LCD integrated machine has gradually become the mainstream of intelligent classroom equipment. Therefore, the Nichigaku development department has recently improved and developed the integrated push and pull whiteboard. In order to match the size of the machine, the thickness of the whiteboard frame is deepened, and the product can be customized according to the different brand, model and size liquid crystal machine. It provides the quality and service to the customer at VIP level. 



The beautiful Hainan University is actively moving towards internationalization of education.In the near future,"The International Tourism Institute" will be established jointly with Arizona State University. The teaching facilities provided by the College are all in line with the international advanced level. The Nichigaku Company's push-pull whiteboard, with international first-class design and quality, has won the tender in Hainan University, and has completed the supply and installation. 



Nichigaku's push and pull whiteboard, completely according to the JIS blackboard manufacturing standard production,and the modelling is elegant and gengrous,with makings fastidious, especially the surface of the white aluminum enamel panel deep and restrained, with low reflective rate, super hardness and super long service life,it is the best choise for schools to use our whiteboard.


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Final Picture



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