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Whiteboard Project of Zhejiang University


 The Whiteboard Solution for University Classrooms of Xiamen Nichigaku Co., Ltd——The Whiteboard Project of Zhejiang University International Union College (Haining International Campus)

User requirements:

Because of users are well-known universities in the world, according to the position of "based on Haining, relying on Zhejiang University, and integrating with the world, according to the national high level cooperation test base and the strategic running base of Zhejiang University, explore the new model of running a school with the advantages of the East and the West, serve the construction of the world first-class university of Zhejiang University".The writing whiteboard should have world-class quality and the achievement of world-class universities.

To this end, we have the following schemes :

1. The classroom needs a large push-pull whiteboard, so that teachers can write a large number of words.

2. Side walls need to be covered with whiteboards to convenient Students to write at any time, promoting interaction between teachers and students.

3. At the same time, we should have all kinds of mobile whiteboards and cork boards to meet the needs of announcements, exhibitions and working.

Application products:

The Nichigaku Up-down Whiteboard、Wall hanging Whiteboard、Screen Style Whiteboard、Mobile Whiteboard、Paper Whiteboard (All Enamel Whiteboard) and New Type Corkboard.

Technical programme:

Ⅰ.The Nichigaku Up-down Whiteboard:

The product integrates the Up-down whiteboard's lifting mechanism and the brake buffer system in the aluminum alloy frame. The lifting of the plate surface is smooth and flunt. When it approaches the frame, the buffer device starts by itself, so that the rising/falling of the plate surface decelerates until the brake is stopped. The products have been greatly improved in terms of safety, functionality and aesthetics and reaching a new peak.

The original plate of two pieces of whiteboard, which is originally imported from Japan General Co., Ltd., it is made of Japanese aluminum enamel panel. It is made completely according to the Japanese industrial standard JIS. It is stronger and durable, the light reflectivity is low and protecting the student's eyesight. The white aluminum enamel can also be changed into green aluminum enamel (chalk board) according to the need of users.

In order to be compatible with the projector, a curtain box can be arranged above the Up-down whiteboards.



The highest of the Up-down whiteboards can be done for each piece of 1200mm , with a maximum 2400mm of each group and a width of 1800mm to 4500mm.


In addition to the above cases, the product has been adopted by Shanghai New York University, Tokyo University,Osaka Universityand other schools, widely praised!

Ⅱ.Nichigaku Wall-hanging Whiteboard:


Nichigaku Wall-hanging Whiteboard, using the imported aluminum enamel panel in Japan, advanced materials and design and manufacturing technology, made the whiteboard under the premise of maintaining strong and non deformation,realized the ultra thin panel (the panel thick 5mm, the frame thick 13mm) and the superfine border (only 3mm),the strong academic atmosphere is integrated in the elegant teaching, scientific research and office environment in the campus.


In this case, all the walls of the classroom can be equipped with whiteboard, in addition to the front of the Up-down Whiteboard, the rest of the wall are equipped with Wall-hanging Whiteboard,make it very neat and beautiful.



Ⅲ.Nichigaku Screen Style Whiteboard、Mobile Whiteboard、Paper Whiteboard:

The Screen Style Whiteboard、Mobile Whiteboard、Paper Whiteboard can be configured flexibly according to the needs of the user, and there are a variety of sizes of single / double-sided models for selection.

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In recent years, in the exploration and practice of "reverse education" and other emerging educational methods, the teaching of heuristic, personalized, communication and discussion is becoming more and more popular, and it is more necessary for various flexible writing communication tools to cooperate with them.


Nihigaku's All kinds of Mobile Whiteboards, close to user's needs,the design is beautiful, functional and versatile.Not only in teaching, it can be used as a useful supplement to the front blackboard of upper and lower classrooms, but also in office and meeting.

Ⅳ.An indispensible bulletin board on campus

The new cork bulletin board of Nichigaku is made of polymer material as core material with uniform material and uniform density. The degree of bite is uniform, and the insertion force of the tack is suitable, and it is not easy to fall off. Moisture-proof and Anti deformation.

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Ⅴ.Professional installation and maintenance services 

    We dress cleanly and neatly,make a good impression to the customer.

Give them a lot of praise!


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