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Shanghai Exhibition Travel, The Main Push for Innovation of New Products 

    In mid November, as exhibitors, we came to the Shanghai New International Expo Center to start an official exhibition.
At this exhibition, our company mainly introduces two new products, one is electronic scanning whiteboard, the other is sliding interactive projection system.


 Electronic Scanning Whiteboard

  • Ultra fine full color scanning, one key storage

  • High security

It can be stored directly on the computer or local area network to specify IP and set the password. This design is very confidential. Of course, if data is not need to encrypted, it can still be stored by normal means.

  • The unique design of Nichigaku,especially suitable for brainstorming research and discussion

You can write or post information, photos, drawings on the board, and all the information on the board (including graphics, text) scan down, this function is unique to Nichigaku.

  • AO full size 100% restore, recording idea 

  • Elegant appearance, easy to clean

  • Enamel plate is hard and wearable,it can be safely used for magnets to absorb data and photos.  

Other brands use plastic panels or baking varnish to reduce costs.

  • reverse education good partner

It is suitable for small class teaching, teachers and students, students' divergent thinking is discussed, their views are recorded on the whiteboard, and then scanned, without manual recording, they can be saved to a specified place.


二、sliding interactive projection system

  • Fully autonomous selection of projection positions 

    In order to cater to modern teaching, break through the original fixed projector position, add a guide to achieve the projector on-demand movement and the projector stops in the most needed position. 

  • Easy to use and manageable campus ICT 

    The utility model can be put into use by adding a guide rail above the existing whiteboard; the projector can be moved by means of a pulling rope; the equipment is simple to operate and easy to manage.

  • No need to purchase electronic whiteboards, but also to achieve blackboard writing, projection and interaction

    No additional purchase of electronic whiteboard or liquid crystal display, saving money, making full use of the existing whiteboard, saving space, only adding a projector, sheet books, projection, interaction at the same time to achieve maximum benefits. 

  • Combining with reverse Education

    Full-wall whiteboard + interactive movable projector can be freely published by teachers, students and students, with abundant pictures and texts, and can be supported by movable projection on demand.



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