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Nichigaku Xiamen Co., Ltd.


Nichigaku Xiamen Co., Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Nichigaku Co., Ltd. in Japan that is the first company invented the magnetic White Dry Erase Marker board in the world. And they are now developing, manufacturing and sailing (include OEM) the White Dry Erase Marker board, Chalk Board, Copy Board, and the related products.

Our company, Nichigaku Xiamen were founded in 2005, produce and export the White Dry Erase Marker board that have the conception of “Safety structure”, “High quality”, “Rational & Cool design” to Japan.

Now, we are starting to put our products which are durable and just right for the modern office info the home and the overseas market.

Name : Nichigaku Xiamen Co.,Ltd.
Residence : 3B1,3B2 unit 11, Guang Xing Nan Road, Jimei District, Xiamen 

registered capital : 180,000$(1,452,481RMB)
Type of company : Foreign proprietorship (wholly foreign owned) 

The main dealer are :
Staples (Shanghai) Commerce & Trade Co.,Ltd :    (86) 800-820-8056 & 400-820-8056;
                                             Shanghai KOKUYO Business Co., Ltd(Easybuy):    (86) 400-820-0798;
                                             Beijing KOKUYO Business Co., Ltd(Easybuy):         (86) 400-820-7828;
                                             Shanghai M&G COLIPU Office Supplies Co.,Ltd:     (86) 400-118-8366;
                                             Shanghai WESTINGAREA M&E Systems Co.,Ltd:   (86) 400-821-8800;
                                             Shanghai Okamura Furniture and Logistic System Co.,Ltd:    (86) 021-60746101;   
                                             Hangzhou Qishitong Information & Technology Co.,Ltd:         (86) 0571-58666666;
                                             Okamura Salotto Hong Kong Limited:    (852)-2898-9777   

The relevant technical standards in the 《Safety and Health Requirements for Blackboard》 issued by the Ministry of Health of China were formulated by referring to the Japanese blackboard standards.Nichigaku can supply blackboards imported from Japan and be installed in accordance with Japanese technical requirements.