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Nichigaku  Quality

Nichigaku 120% meets your needs for quality and taste.

Nichigaku office whiteboard:
 In addition to the basic elements of safety, rewritability and sturdiness, it pays attention to the coordination of the overall office environment and atmosphere in the appearance and appearance; it is suitable for various office scenes.

Nichigaku teaching whiteboard, blackboard:
 manufactured according to Japanese JIS blackboard standard, conforming to the highest level of F★★★★ environmental standard, using the sandwich structure of wooden frame + plywood, strength, durability and writing feel better than the general manufacturer's paper honeycomb panel or foam
Board sandwich. The writing surface is made of unique aluminum enamel steel plate, which is durable for more than ten years.

 More durable whiteboard

We use conform Corporation headquarters Nichigaku quality standard white iron as a writing panel, fine texture firm, is hardly the penetration of ink, you can easily use the eraser or damp cloth to clean your notes, there will be no residue. At the same time more durable than other materials.

Excellent flexural strength and compression resistance to moisture

Nichigaku uses the company's unique advanced manufacturing technology and quality control, and choose the most suitable material according to the characteristics, strengthen the flexural strength of the whiteboard, compression and tidal deformation. Good strength so that broadband can minimize the border, in the same form factor, maximum writing area.

Fashion, security design

Nichigaku history and the company's leading market position, to have a full-time whiteboard design team, all do everything we can to take care of the safety and convenience of users, create a style and elegance fit the era office environment products.

Nichigaku      Features

 The use of standards in line with Nichigaku quality materials, durable

●  It is made of high-quality paint white steel plate or enamel white steel plate as a panel, which is easy to wipe, impervious, and durable.

  The color coated steel plate is used as the back plate, and the panel is composed of double iron plate protection, which is both beautiful and durable.

●  Plastic hollow core board or high quality honeycomb paperboard has good moisture resistance, compression and resistance, and can make the board surface thinner.

 Designed for safety, ease of use and environmental friendliness

●  Security designno border and the corner portion of the exposed sharp, high-strength materials linked to ensure that the installation and use of safety.

●  Slim design ease of use and storage.

●  Environmentally Friendly less environmental pollution.

●  Wall-mounted whiteboards lateral / vertical hang use; hook can move around, exposed / concealed use.

  Tripod type compact, lightweight, easy assembly, anti-tilt angles up to 14º, in line with the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS.

▲ A look that is coordinated with an elegant office environment

●  Delicate and elegant appearance, high-grade texture.

●  Customers can enjoy lower prices and better service.